Black out and dress up

Yesterday some things happened.

Someone hit a power pole with their car. Some men with chainsaws and barricades showed up. And a woman shouted indistinctly over a loud speaker all day. 
The driver walked away unharmed but since Satan still needed to get his, the neighborhood was without power for most of the day.

After going for a walk and using my laptop until the battery completely died I sat there for a couple of minutes just staring at the black screen, contemplating what meaning there is to my life without internet access. Determined, that aside from reading blogs, my life DOES have purpose I lit some candles and then took pictures of them.

And then I had a brilliant idea. 
Who knows what other kinds of genius I would come up with if the power was out for say, a week! The cure for cancer? The proper equation for cold fusion? How to keep my gas tank full all winter so that I don’t have to fill up in the freezing cold?? HOW TO GET GERALDO RIVERA PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM TELEVISION?? I guess we may never know. . .
So here is my one-person fashion show:
 I call this outfit Put On as Many Articles of Clothing as Possible. Look Crazy and Don’t Match.

 I call this outfit The Power is Out So I’m Wearing a Tutu! But Do I Really Need a Reason?

And I call this outfit The Lights Came Back on and I Tried to Pretend They Didn’t But Really it Was a Mood Killer. (Coincidentally I kind of love this outfit. Electricity ftw.)
Interestingly enough (or because Satan is a bastard) our basement flooded once the power came back on and we didn’t have hot water today, so I had to shower at a friend’s place and that’s always an experience. How do you work your shower? H means hot? And C means cold? And you pull up on the little thingy to get the water to come out of the shower head?? Gosh, why don’t they just have a universal design for showers? Kind of like cameras. Because how many times have you handed your camera to someone and they ask “how does yours work?” If ONLY they would start putting that button in the same place. . .

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