Are you thinking about taking a trip through South Dakota? Please allow me to walk you through how that trip will go. . . The anticipation about seeing Mount Rushmore will get you to Mount Rushmore without too much thought. I mean, dead Presidents carved into a mountain- nothing else quite says “this is America … Continue reading


Did you think that Montana was just mountains, and horses, and an extra tall sky? Well shame on you, because it also has sheep. Also, IT’S GORGEOUS. I kid you not, I seldom get romantic about landscape but apparently the settlers forgot to go through Montana because it looks virtually untouched after God painted it … Continue reading

Pants less painter

I recently participated (am participating) in a scarf swap. When the scarf I would be receiving was on it’s way to me I saw a man at my local coffee shop and this man happened to be a house painter. I’ve noticed here and there that house painters often tie hankercheifs losely around their neck. … Continue reading

An ER farewell

(If you came here to see George Clooney, I apologize, but unfortunately he isn’t here.) I have spent the last nearly five years working in an emergency room. It has always been a great conversation piece, I love that pace of work, and I have had some of the funniest (and saddest) times there. Not … Continue reading