You have been thus warned

Dear men who are married, engaged, or have in some way made another person believe that you are committed to them, If you SHAMELESSLY flirt with me and I find out about your afore mentioned condition after you’ve been Flirty McTotalDouchebag, I will be a bitch to you. Because that is what you deserve. Peace.  Continue reading

Trust me, I’m a Doctor

A friend and I use to joke about organizations for literacy, because it’s really easy to forget an organization’s name while being familiar with their cause, and there is a big difference between an organization for literacy and an organization for illiteracy. In as much as there is a difference between an organization for AIDS and an organization … Continue reading

Make work your new favorite

Some days I think: I should look professional today!  And some days I think:I should wear yellow jeans to work!GUESS WHICH DAY THIS WAS. Also, these are some things I enjoyed about my job lately: A screen saver that says: What have YOU done to prevent pressure ulcers today?(well, what have you done?) This inspirational poster: … Continue reading