Happy Sabbath ya’ll

It’s been said lately that my blog can be perceived as rather negative, and I get that. The things I find funny usually take form in hyperbole, sarcasm, and the f word. So in light of expressing that I’m not a bitter old maid sitting at home in my tattered house-sweater bitching about all the government conspiracies (we didn’t go to the moon) I wanted to post something. . .nice.  Or at least something not entirely sardonic.

With this photo I was originally going to say something like “wow Jesus, you’re so. . .glowy” and thought what, with it being Easter and all, it would be a perfect time to crack a joke about Jesus. But the more I stared at this face (though I’m certain this face is just a face because we are human and need something tangible- you know, the entirety of creation not being enough and all) the more I couldn’t shake the feeling of being an idiot. Today, the day we CELEBRATE the greatest gift ever given to humanity, the sacrifice and VICTORY of the King, that we may avoid death and live as royal heirs, and I’m going to say “wow Jesus, you’re so glowy”? I’ve got to be some special kind of slow for that.

But the truth is, slow and all- I’ve been redeemed. I have been saved by the King and adopted into His family- and not even like red-headed-step-child adopted, but like jewel-in-His-crown adopted. So, in light of the fact that some times I say the stupidest things (or at least want to) but God loves me enough, as the patient father that He is, to pull me aside and whisper into my ear until I’m willing to hear Him remind me that His Son is not a joke- I rejoice.  I rejoice because as a daughter of the King it is my right, privilege, and honor to open my mouth and exclaim His glory. Jesus, greatest of kings, giver of life, and redeemer of all things broken, you are wondrous.

(And now I seriously can’t look my candle in the face.)

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