Pants less painter

I recently participated (am participating) in a scarf swap. When the scarf I would be receiving was on it’s way to me I saw a man at my local coffee shop and this man happened to be a house painter. I’ve noticed here and there that house painters often tie hankercheifs losely around their neck. (For sweat reasons maybe? This gentleman was using it to hold his sunglasses.) And as soon as I saw it I thought “I hope the scarf I’m getting is little so that I can do that!” (Not use it for sweat, but fashion around my neck like so.) And low and beyond, this fine lady sent me this fine scarf! Let the haters hate, but dreams really do come true.

Also, I’m wearing a swimsuit. Thus, the no pants. I can’t account for the guy at the coffee shop. . .

2 thoughts on “Pants less painter

  1. Love it! So cute… I love how you used in a casual outfit. I have several office pieces that match that scarf, so I always see it as workwear, but now I'm totally inspired to wear it next in a casual outfit. I'm posting my outfit with your scarf tomorrow!

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