Harry Potter and the Alligator

My lil sis turned 17 yesterday. So I let her feed me and take my picture. She’s pretty lucky to have me.
(So it turns out that when it’s mother efing cold outside your photos either turn out really blurry, or really awkward. Guess which one this is!)
When I bought this shirt a couple of months ago I thought “this will be great next summer!” but then after staring at it for a few seconds yesterday I thought “why am I waiting until summer??” Please consider this me flipping winter the bird.
We kept it classy and celebrated the big one-seven at Dad’s work. Crazy candles, alligator heads, and lots of muted walls. Hey, you only turn 17 once! 
(Please don’t let the carrots fool you, Harry Potter is kind of a big deal in our family)

And because I love you, I leave you with this
 You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Alligator

  1. ha, where my dad works isn't so much relevant as WHO he works with. Which by the way, is only men. Literally. So think about most of the men you spend time with. . .i feel like an alligator head with a bullet in its mouth probably wouldn't get an explanation. Ya know?

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