I found my Valentine

Have you SEEN the Ralph Lauren Spring Collection? Swoon swoon. Swoony swoon swoon. But wait. Here I was, drooling over white and lace and kicking myself for not having long hair, when I see the Michael Kors pre fall collection. 


Shut. The front. Door.
Is there much that I love more than pencil cut cropped pants? Like, other than Jesus. No, not really. Then add color blocking. And Barbie-circa-1960 sun glasses. Then check and see if I still have a pulse because I’m pretty sure this is heaven. Michael Kors, if you marry me I will sing your praises every day for the rest of my life. Also, I can cook. (Don’t I want to make a cheap joke about getting into his pants? But that would be inappropriate).
P.s. Rag and Bone, you keep it up and you’ll be in the running for me to make dirty jokes about you too.

5 thoughts on “I found my Valentine

  1. i am so grossed out right now. that was NOT what i expected. Here i was, eating my lunch and then BAM! Michael Kors' belly button just about hit me in the face. #1 never thought that sentence would be a part of my life#2 we can just be "married in our hearts".

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