Secrets make your clothes smell better

Who knew that my Mount Rushmore shirt would make such an impact on my wardrobe? I guess I should take back all the mean things I said about South Dakota. NOT.

In case you don’t see me every week (you don’t, I’m in a house with children one billion hours a week. Oh, a week doesn’t have a billion hours? EXACTLY.) it makes an appearance each wash cycle. And by that I mean when it’s clean, I wear it. And it would probably be clean more often if I was allowed to do laundry while on shift. But I’m not. I’m also not allowed to read books on shift. Or microwave any food for the children. Which, I would totally support if that didn’t mean I was heating up an entire jar of store bought spaghetti sauce on the stove, just to use two tablespoons of it. And the rest that I’m putting in Tupperware to go back in the fridge? Yeah, I can’t microwave that tomorrow either.

Other things I’m not allowed to do “on shift”:
Be farther than 3 feet from the children at any given time
Let the children play unmediated games with their friends
Fold laundry on my lap (it needs to be folded on the bed)
Wash the cousin’s swim things with our swim things
Deny the children their third daily Popsicle
Eat my meals w/o the children
Expect to get paid on time

All this to say, I’M DOING MY LAUNDRY IN SECRET. Yeah, that’s right. When I say I’m going to the bathroom I’m actually folding my clothes. I never imagined that my rebellious nature would lead to secret laundry. I feel like such a fraud. When my bathroom breaks get taken away, I have no idea what I’ll be forced to do.

-The Monster Queen

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