A girl

A girl undone. A girl let go. A girl floating in the sea.

A girl wrapped up in arms of pristine white clouds, of mountains tall and overwhelming, of the greatness that awaits us all, impeding our drive to be comfortable, forcing us to be aware there is more.

A girl laid down to rest, hushed by wounds and scars deep, over taken by one more subtle blow of not good enough. A girl once proud and tall, now quiet. A girl hushed with sweaty, heavy hands.

A girl plain. Turned around until dizzy, confused, overcome with inadequacy, and then surrendered. A girl in the center of empty. Still. Naked. Fettered.

A girl letting go. Drifting through air, weightless and unbalanced, falling until broken. Retrieving pieces of lives past, searching for spaces to fit. Sifting through moments of stolen joy, ripped off and counterfeit, dishonest peace. Finding rest in nothing. Seeking.

A girl beyond reach. Searching for faces, for home and for fitting and for full. A fullness immeasurable, with hearts laughing warm and hands open.  Hands fit for closeness unseen, as roots grown deep in distress. A foundation of lives lived intertwined. A forest of welcome.

A girl alone.

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