And this is the part where I rant about rape.

Welcome to the new school of education, one in which we’re teaching women how to hide. Dress well, and try to disguise the fact that you might have a sex drive.

Because if we see it, if you reveal it in any way, a guy could rape you and we would have to say she probably had it coming. We told her what to do. We said hide your thighs behind six layers of no means no, unless you don’t understand that small word then it didn’t really matter because they told me so.

They told me I would get raped. That they wouldn’t have my back. That a man can do what he likes because this is a generation that doesn’t give a shit about that.

We don’t say no to men. We don’t say hey, here are ten ways to not rape. We say oh, she was drunk? She smiled at you like she thought you were a nice guy? She was wearing a skirt just a little too short of the arbitrary mark we’ve decided means she probably had it coming or she was just playing shy? We don’t say no to men, don’t ask me why. Because we say no to women left and right.

No, don’t wear that. No, don’t go there. No, don’t trust that guy or be alone. Don’t stay out late or take a back road, don’t leave your house if you haven’t taken twelve classes on how to drop a grown man with a swift kick to the groin.

And no, we don’t stand up for you.

When he gets in, and he probably will, we’re never going to wonder why. Or ask questions like we do all the other times. When a man shoots up a theatre or a school we have a thousand questions trying to find out what it is that we can do. To prevent the next funeral, the next death undue. Did his mother love him enough? What was he like in junior high? Did he listen to heavy metal or worship satan in his private life?

If a man kills a person we want to scrutinize his every drive but if a man kills a woman without taking her life, all we can ask is why did she let him? Maybe she didn’t know better, or maybe she thought it would be nice. But then she didn’t like it so she screamed rape and now we tell her to cover her face because there’s nothing we can do once you’ve been shamed.

Rather than be a society of men and women who know what’s right, we’re a society that says if it’s difficult this is your own fight. We spend all this effort telling women how to not get raped, avoiding the core issue of men thinking it’s probably okay. Why can’t we say hey, men! If a women doesn’t want you and you physically force her to accept, we’ll hang you by your cock and until it falls off and you bleed to death? If we could stand behind the victims being taken every day and make it clear THIS IS NOT OKAY, if we handed out punishment like we believed in crime we’d have a few less deaths that come before their time.

She could be your sister, your daughter, your mom. If you’re missing the chromosome Y, you live afraid saying no might get you a one way ticket to I’m sorry you got fucked but have a nice life. They won’t take the scum, they won’t turn him in, they won’t ask for the death penalty or justice for sin. When we live in a place where men get a free pass to grab ass whenever they like, women are just another casualty because it’s better to save face than save lives.

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