Sarah with an S

I just got into an argument with the cashier guy at the grocery store over the spelling of my name. After asking me if my name is spelled the “original way” I responded with “as in, how it is spelled in the bible? Yes, with an h”. It just went down hill from here. He insisted that originally in the bible it’s spelled without an “h”.  So I, of course, corrected him by spelling out “Sarai” and then specifying that the “i” was later replaced with an “h”. He continued to disagree and informed me that no one has ever questioned him on this. I told him I would beat him with my bible bring in my bible. At which point he started treating me like I might be a crazy person at risk for hurting others and spoke in what I’m assuming he thinks is his comforting voice saying “okay, that’s fine, I just don’t think I’m wrong but you can prove me wrong if you need to”. If I need to. Really, dude? What I need is for you to recognize that MY. NAME. IS. SARAH. I’m clearly an adult so by now I’m PROBABLY pretty familiar with my name and it’s origin. But you know, maybe you could educate me on menstruation or something else you obviously know more about than I do.

So I don’t think this is a fashion blog, but I like fashion and I like my clothes. And all of the tutorials I’ve read on How To Have a Cool Blog say you should post things you like. (They also say you should avoid negativity because people like to escape from reality, but since illegal drugs are still highly accessible I think it’s okay if every once in awhile I talk about something other than diet coke and Nicholas Sparks). And by “talk” I mean “post photos”.

P.S. If I just inadvertently told people to go get high if they don’t like my blog, I didn’t mean to. Queen of the Monsters does not condone drugs.

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