It’s only post #3 and already I’m talking about gangrene

I think I’m pretty resilient when it comes to gross things; my list of what I find truly disgusting is rather short. That said, gangrene has a very secure spot on my Gross list. Gangrene is gross. Well, today, gangrene out-grossed itself. Because you know what is worse than dry, rotten, blackened, zombie-esque appendages? Dry, rotten, blackened, zombie-esque appendages that a person SUCKS ON. As in Yes My Fingers Are Dead But I Suck On Them Because Gangrene Isn’t Gross Enough. So before scenes from Grey’s Anatomy flash before any one’s proverbial eye when thinking of an ER, just remember, the Doctor is not that hot and the patient has dead fingers.

And because no one should probably be blogging about gangrene if they hope to have friends, happiness today was these colors:

 Also, I really like my third outfit of the day.

My dress definitely has seashells on it. And you really can’t have a bad time when you’re wearing seashells. It’s against the laws of nature.
P.S. Dear grocery store aisle that smells like fresh donuts,
rot in hell.

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