Which aisle is the crab medicine?

I hope the story behind this involves my ex some lying cheating scumbag who has yet to find out that he got caught by his girlfriend, and while he was out she went into his apartment, ripped the literal location of his infidelities from his bed, and planted it where he would see it on his drive home. And I know that when he sees this he will not fathom that it could possibly have anything to do with himself, and likely think “pssh, poor sap. . .”. And though I also know that this will not affect his douchery, I’m comforted by the fact that he will at least have to sleep on the floor for a night or two. I hope he lives in an unfinished basement that cats have pissed all over. May God give him crabs.

In all likelihood this is probably just some attempt at a political statement made by some hoodlums who had a can of spray paint in hand as they passed an abandoned mattress. But still, I hope cheaters get crabs.

Let’s not end a post talking about venereal disease though.

My roommate was watching a movie when she consented to take my outfit photos, and as a general rule I immediately change into shorts upon getting home so the fact that I sat down next to her fully dressed was kind of odd. Of the month that we have lived together, so far this might be my favorite conversation:

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, but you can finish watching your movie first!”

*laughs* “you can be really awkward some times.”


Yep. And I’ve got the photos to prove it.

P.S. Whoever can name the movie that this post title is in reference to gets extra points. Not points that are actually redeemable for anything, but points that go toward me thinking you are cooler than I previously thought you were.

(dress, cardi, clutch, & black bracelet-thrifted, jacket-trouve via nordstrom rack, tights-hue, silver bracelet and belt-brass plum, boots and earrings-gifted)

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