Not so gritty

When I first put this outfit on I thought “True Grit! I need a hat!” but then after I calmed down a bit (because I don’t have the right hat, so what really is there to be excited about in life?) I thought “1940’s Depression era, I’m a sad and haggard wife because my husband lost his profession in boxing after he broke his hand so he works when he can at the docks, and we live in a shack with our three kids whom we can’t afford to feed” and then I realized that was actually Cinderella Man and I’m not Renee Zellweger, nor am I married to Russell Crowe (damn it!) So I comforted myself by putting on some jewels and some knee socks because if I’m not Russell Crowe’s wife I might as well feel fancy!

In unrelated news I need to find an old cowboy hat and work on my Matt Damon fantasies.

 (dress,jacket,belt, and jewelry-thrifted, socks-nordstrom, boots-ross)

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