It’s that time of year

I’m gonna go ahead and be a cliché and talk about Academy Awards fashion. Because I can.
However, since I hold no legal certification stating My Expertise Is Better Than Yours, I’ll keep it brief. (But you can be sure that when I get said certification I will be unstoppable).

For starters. My love and affection for this dress is enough to question my chances of ever getting married. Here’s why: I would never marry a man who wears sequins and I. Love. Sequins. Also, how adorable is Amy Adams? Girl crush much? Uh huh.

Runner up for my heart:

Beads. Strong shoulder. Cate Blanchett. Swoon.

I’ll be honest, True Grit made about as much sense to me as any anticlimactic Western with very little plot and a girl who loses her arm with a drunk and a pervert while trying to avenge her Father’s death BUT thank you sweet girl, for dressing age appropriate (ie. not making anyone uncomfortable either by showing your underage body parts or by looking like you went straight from Homecoming to an awards show) and being uber adorable.

Due to my sincere affinity for the 90’s I can momentary set aside my all encompassing annoyance of this woman and lack of respect for her 13 inch waist,  because a one sleeved, body hugging, black velvet gown. Thaaaaat’s a win.

(Now, quick! Go fix your hair before I throw up!)

One last note. If you are. . .you know, about FOUR FEET TALL and. . . *ahem* busty, mmmm maybe don’t cut yourself in half with a short shirt? And Lord knows I’m all about puttin’ your girl parts on lock (and
He also knows that I’m all about the Bedazzler) but if you’re going so far as to put your girl parts in body armor you’d do well to remember that nothing gets attention quite like things that sparkle.

Sadly, I found nothing too remarkable about any of the gentlemen (aside from Colin Firth, you know, being Colin Firth) because let’s face it, they all wear suits. If they’re trying to be suave, they wear a necktie, if they’re trying to be charming, they wear a bow tie. Except for that Robert Downy Jr. He pulled a white-out with a neck tie and I’m. Still. Charmed.

All photos from here.

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