Suppy and demand folks, supply and demand!

So, I paint my nails about 3-4 times a week. It’s just this thing I do. Some people alphabetize their DVD collection, some people live with their parents until they’re 50, I paint my nails multiple times weekly. Part of the reason is that I hate having chipped polish, the other part is that the color I want, the color in my heart, changes every couple of days. And then some times it changes back.

However, in the last month I’ve been in a nail polish stump. More than a week collectively my nails have been without polish. None of the colors I have could get me excited and I couldn’t even be talked into going and buying some. There was just no color in my heart! Well. A few days ago I figured out why I’ve been in this nail polish drought.

It’s because THIS is what is in my heart, and until a few days ago I didn’t even know it existed! Yes, OPI Black Shatter polish it what is in my heart. (Whatever, I don’t have kids, I’m allowed to be this vain).

Long story short, IT CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE IN TOWN. No joke. I have called six different salons, everyone is sold out. Once again, I am stumped. This time because I live in a small city; WHO THE HECK IS BUYING OUT ALL THE OPI?!

Prior to this fiasco I recognized that I paint my nails freakishly often, but I didn’t really think it was an issue. However. The fact that I’m even considering paying $18.95 for this on eBay has raised some concerns. Nail polish might be my heroin. But maybe so long as I’m not selling my body for my next coat of polish, we’re okay?

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