I’ll take a serving of sass with a side of something fried

I had never seen Fried Green Tomatoes until this week, and though I was expecting it be many things (namely nostalgic) I was not expecting it to be fashion inspiration. But I cannot think of a movie in which there were more outfits that I wanted to duplicate. Not only do I want to wear pants that are too big and cinch them up with a sturdy belt and wear loose cut-off overalls (seriously, I want to wear this), but I also want a Southern accent, and to kill men who beat their wives. Which, isn’t so much a fashion thing as it is a style thing, and if my style says “hey! I hate wife beaters!” I think I’m okay with that. Especially if that style includes overalls. And an apron. And a best friend with whom I open a brash and charming café where we serve fried things and barbecue and stay up late drinking beer and playing poker.

Note to self: learn how to play poker. And how to stand fearlessly in the face of a drunk.

credit in order: ladycoshow grannybranch starz dorothysurrenders

One thought on “I’ll take a serving of sass with a side of something fried

  1. I haven't seen that movie in forever. Might be time to re-watch. And also, make some fried green tomatoes (I saw a recipe the other day that looked delicious).

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