I think I’m ready for my religious underwear

Something I’ve recognized lately is that I’m not the kind of blogger to give a casual play-by-play of my days. I talk about the things that, for one reason or another, are embedded in my memory (and damn it if I haven’t tried to forget gangrene fingers!) but I likely won’t ever ask “what did you do this weekend?” if for no other reason but “how was your weekend?” is one of my least favorite questions. Right up there with “so what’s new with you?”.  Reason being: either I don’t remember or I’m sure that you don’t care that I spent the majority of my weekend watching the first season of Big Love. Another reason: I went for a walk this weekend with my neighborhood family and we talked about all buying a house together; it would need at least seven bedrooms and three bathrooms, we would tear out the top floor and turn it into a community eating/dinning area, and we would plant a large garden so that we could be highly self-sustainable. Now combine the fact that I had a semi-serious discussion about living in a commune with the fact that I spent all of my other spare time watching Big Love and real quick-like I’ve reached creeper status alert and people are wanting to question my views on marriage and family.

(Now watch this segue)
Sister wife skirt anyone??

Side note: Big Love is seriously THE WEIRDEST SHOW EVER. And that opinion has so little to do with the polygamy. I’m not even kidding.

p.s. if you don’t get the title joke, just trust me, it’s funny.

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