I Don’t Hate You

I’m tired of people looking at me, thinking that they know- they see Christian and think republican, so in other words I’m a vote.
You don’t know how I vote, never asked what I believe, you assume the worst because who’ve seen those people saying Christian and think they’re just like me.
I’m not holding signs at parades or in front of abortion clinics, I don’t know anything about you and never said what you’re doing is a sickness.
I’m sorry people hurt you especially if those people buy a brand, and that brand says anything about Jesus hating a man who loves a man.
Jesus ate w/ unbelievers, sinners, and vagrants, he dined with whores and called them friends and then died saying that he loved ’em.
He never said follow this list of rules and judge the ones who don’t, he said love your neighbors as yourself and love God most.
You don’t know who I am, never asked me what I believe, you assume intolerance, ignorance, belligerence is my creed. Like I’m an imbecile for believing in a book written four thousand years ago because my God loved his people and wrote it down for us to read.
I’m sorry for Christians who have hurt people, who’ve killed wrongly in God’s name, who’ve persecuted unbelievers all while crying out God’s name in vain.
He never asked for that, just the opposite in fact, He provided one death and asked us all to live with that.
Believe in my son, believe that I love you, no strings attached, no political agenda to follow through.
I’m tired of people looking at me like Christian is synonymous w/ idiot and sheltered, like I haven’t been through hell already, like I don’t know what hurt is.
I don’t like to play the martyr, the victim, thee abused, I’m not saying you should love me I’m just saying I’m trying to love you.
I fall short daily, I’m aware of that, I’m not pretending to be perfect and I thank God He never asked.
I thank my God for you and for this life we’ve all been given, now please stop acting like you know me because I wear a badge that says Christian.
If you want to know what I believe, how I vote, how I see, go read a book about a God who became a man and loved so much he chose to bleed.

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