That girl cray.

Oh, women. I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had with men about their crazy ex-girlfriend, or how many discussions I’ve had with women about men who call ex-girlfriends crazy. And I get it. We over analyze most things, have a tendency to be insecure, thus jealous, and have a flair for the dramatic. A lot of us cry at least once a day are emotional. I refuse to comment on how we drive because that’s where it gets touchy for me. These vast stereotypes where all of a sudden we become a group of unstable sub-par human beings who FOR GOOD REASON only make seventy seven cents for every dollar a man makes. We’re fuckin’ loony tunes, rights?!

And thank God every day you have women in your life. We are learners; adapters if you will. We are sensitive and nurturing. I don’t mean in the cradle you in our bosom sense, I mean in the sense that nurture is often seeing the true need and tending to it on an individual basis. We are attuned to detail. We are fixers by nature. We are beyond resilient, and no man should go without being grateful for that. I make no apology for not being able to do pull ups or carry your paralyzed body off a battle field, because what I lack in muscle mass I make up for in ability to WASH YOUR CLOTHES. Jokes aside, if you’re an adult learn to do your own laundry and stop embarrassing yourself.

I’m tired of this whole “women are crazy” bit. It’s old, I’m bored, and count your blessings if you don’t have PMS but if your body can’t GROW A HUMAN probably shut up about anyone’s “crazy time of the month”. Crazy is that women grow humans. Crazy is that men aren’t in complete awe of that and think in some way not having extra hormones every month makes them superior. Way to go you and your penis, I’m super impressed with your ability to compartmentalize.

I’ll be damned if I don’t call myself “crazy” from time to time but genuinely I think we do ourselves as a race a serious disservice but referring to half of us as mentally unstable. I know it’s often meant lightly enough, but calling women crazy has become so widely accepted it’s no wonder so many politicians think it’s even possible to get a majority consent on invasive procedures for women before we’re eligible for certain health care, or that some employers now require Pap smear results before women are allowed to work. This is backward movement, people, and we are giving consent to treat women as lessor people.

When will women have to stop proving themselves? When will we be able to stop defending who we are? When will, what we as women, have to offer be seen as enough to validate us as equal? I don’t mean this to be political or detached from cultural reality, but I do mean to plead that when you see a woman today, you truly appreciate she is not a man. This is not a man’s world, nor has it ever been. What is has been and I fear still is, is a world in which we place subjective value on gender. A world in which differences are not appreciated but berated. Stop calling women crazy. Stop allowing prejudices to be socially acceptable. Know that whatever your gender, you wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for women, and it is crazy if you don’t find that amazing.

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