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Hiking: Chafing Eventually

We were young, so we hiked. We hiked up mountains in stiff dusty boots, down mountains into small hillbilly towns, and into resorts unwelcoming to hikers. When we got tired of hiking we hitched. With unemployed young lovers, with families, and with hippies towing a fifth wheel and an unusual number of bicycles. We accepted … Continue reading

Build Some Stuff!

So this is a piece I’ve scaffolded (meaning it isn’t completely original- I’ve linked the original version). I’d never scaffolded before (and this is actually the worked-out version, so it’s no longer “technically” scaffolding) BUT it turns out scaffolding is a super fun exercise and I recommend it. Also, I just said “scaffold” so many … Continue reading


He likes strawberries and syrup. He likes to hold me when he’s spent. Warming all my bitter into worship. His hair is my favorite color to drown in, his mind my favorite scent. He likes strawberries and syrup while I like my coffee black, akin to nothing inside of him but torment. He warms all … Continue reading


So in my creative writing class right now we’re working on little memoir triptychs and since I don’t get to turn in everything I write for a grade, I figured I would just post my excess on here. Ta da! (And these don’t have titles because I hate coming up with titles. That’s all.) It … Continue reading


I can’t write. I can’t assemble thoughts. I hear babies are dying. In first class schools and third world homes. I hear we’re not on the front lines. We aren’t dependent. We’re privileged and underwhelmed. We’re. So. Confident. My heart breaks with the broken hearted and it’s with them I want to assemble. I long … Continue reading

That girl cray.

Oh, women. I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had with men about their crazy ex-girlfriend, or how many discussions I’ve had with women about men who call ex-girlfriends crazy. And I get it. We over analyze most things, have a tendency to be insecure, thus jealous, and have a flair for the dramatic. … Continue reading