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I Don’t Hate You

I’m tired of people looking at me, thinking that they know- they see Christian and think republican, so in other words I’m a vote. You don’t know how I vote, never asked what I believe, you assume the worst because who’ve seen those people saying Christian and think they’re just like me. I’m not holding … Continue reading


Have you seen those ads brandishing a picture of an athletic woman with a quote something like “I’ve got a big ass and it helps me run marathons so anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss it!” or “my c-section scar reminds me of what my body is capable of and how much I love … Continue reading

A girl

A girl undone. A girl let go. A girl floating in the sea. A girl wrapped up in arms of pristine white clouds, of mountains tall and overwhelming, of the greatness that awaits us all, impeding our drive to be comfortable, forcing us to be aware there is more. A girl laid down to rest, … Continue reading

It isn’t limbo

Life is hard. Life is hard. Life is hard. I wish I could find a better mantra. Like, God is good. Or Christ is enough. Or live sacrificially. Or set your expectations low. Because all of those sound more hopeful than “life is hard”. But life is hard. Things are broken and only breaking more, … Continue reading